Sultan Arab Dhow, wooden model ship kit


1:85 scale model for its wood construction of the Sultan Arab Dhow. It includes detailed instruction set in 7 languages and a step by step in full color.

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Discover the Sultan, a wooden model kit of this traditional Arab dhow of the Arabian Peninsula, Indian and East African coasts. An essential instrument in trade and the spreading of the Islamic faith, the Dhow was used primarily as a cargo vessel, from grain and fish to slaves or minerals. Guided by our detailed step by step instructions you can complete your model of this elegant vessel.


The exact origin of the Dhow is unknown, although his appearance seems to be linked to Islam. Revolutionary in naval history for their triangular and virtually unchanged from their initial designs sails, it is believed that the Dhow was the germ for the construction of the Venetian galleys and caravels, promoting the creation of larger ships with mixed sails. The dhows still sail along the coasts of the Indian Ocean.


Build your 1/85 scale model of the Sultan, an elegant two-masted Arabian Dhow. Its construction system using false keel and frames brings the assembly of your model closer to the construction of the actual ship. The model includes laser cut board pieces, hardwood, brass, die-cast and fabric. For the assembly you can follow our complete full-color step by step guide in 7 languages.

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Minimun age 14 years
Difficulty. Who is it for? Recommended for initiated modelers with basic knowledge of tools and materials and for anyone who wants a first contact with the work of sails. 

Upon completion of the model it has 390 mm long, 440 mm high and 125 mm wide. 


The scale of the model is 1/85 .

Educational value

Discover this traditional boat and its influence on later European shipbuilding.

What does the kit include?

Laser cut board pieces, wood, brass and die-cast parts.

Cotton sails, cut and sewn by hand.

Detailed assembly instructions with color images.

The model does not include the stand and the figurines shown in the pictures.



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