Wooden Model Ship Kit: La Provençale 1/20


The Provençale is a kit for model ships building . It includes all necessary pieces to complete the 1:20 scale model, woods, sails, threads, metal accessories...

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Discover the Provençale, traditional fishing boat of the French Riviera. With a typically Mediterranean line thanks to his two lateen sails, this boat used to be made from the rest of the wood used for the larger fish construction. Guided by our detailed step by step you can complete your beautiful replica of this fishing boat.


The bottom of the hull of the Provençale is flat, what allows it to unload at the shore of many beaches and coves of the beautiful region which is typical. Common among the poorest fishermen, these vessels used to have serious problems when the weather was adverse.


Build your 1/20 scale model of the Provençale, typical fishing boat of the French Riviera. Its simple construction system and its simple canvas make it ideal for beginners in the ship modeling. The model consists of board pieces cut by high precision laser, hardwood, brass, melting and weaving. For the building you can follow our completed step by step instructions in 7 languages and ​​full color, with the full-scale drawings of the finished model.

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