About us


Artesanía Latina began its journey in 1970, in a small flat in the historic district of Barcelona. 

There, my maternal grandfather Ramón Leg, my father Jean-Louis Martin and my mother Maria Mercedes Leg gathered all their efforts and hopes to make a dream come true: create the best brand of ship modelling in the world. 

After spending many hours conceiving and hand making the first designs, they personally sold the products to the few specialized shops from Barcelona and Madrid.

Little by little, by investing in quality, in the best machinery available, in design of modern and attractive boxes, they succeeded to form an interesting range of products. Most of all, they achieved to make a space for the brand on the Spanish market.  

Since the beginning, one of the priorities of the emerging company was about its internationalization. This is the reason why, Jean-Louis Martin, in addition to producing and buying, took personally care of the exportation.

In 1979, 80% of the incomes came from outside Spain. Our products were widely known and recognised in 40 countries in the 5 continents. From Europe to the United States and Canada, from Australia to Japan, the ships from ARTESANIA LATINA were already moving around the world.

The 80s were more of the same: better products, better explanations and presentations to achieve a main and unavoidable objective: to satisfy the final consumer.  

To achieve this, a free after-sales service has been created on a global scale, giving to our brand and our products a major recognition and a real success.  

Another basic aspect of the development of our company has always been our capacity to innovate.

Indeed, Artesanía Latina has always been defined for its innovation effort in ship modelling. We succeeded to create the path that other brands followed or tried to follow in this sector.

In 1994, Artesanía Latina launched onto the market a second range of products with a basic orientation, not exclusively dedicated to women. 

After visiting many hobby shops, my parents and our sales team realised that most of the products addressed almost exclusively a male target, ignoring the other half of the population.  

Since then, our doll’s houses did not stop to grow and to get better, being today one of the most completed offers of the market. All this has only been possible thanks to the quality, the image, the presentation, the explanation and the assembly steps that have characterised our company.  

In 2001, we opened our new office in Hong Kong, to position us strategically on emerging markets. 

Since 2002, Artesanía Latina is pursuing an active product diversification policy.

Thus, that same year, we launched on the marketing two new families of products: R/C electric airplanes  and Easy Hobby.

Both of them were recognised by our clients and customers for being really convenient; their sales attest their success. 

The year 2003 marked a turning point for our company: the 1st  of August, we inaugurated our establishment in Lamadrid (Cantabria-Spain). There, we had a privileged environment with enough space to host our central offices, our European warehouse and our exhibition rooms.  

During these 34 years of work, Artesanía Latina has continued to evolve according to the needs of the market, sharing day after day, year after year, our passion and enthusiasm for the hobby with thousands of friends all over the world.  

For the next years, we will continue to work with more passion, to keep on innovating and surprising you.  


Vice-president of Artesanía Latina