Instructions Request

1. If the instructions belong to currently marketed models, simply go to the related product page of the model on the web.  

- Once you are on the page, scroll down with the mouse until you see the INSTRUCTIONS button. Click on it and you will see all the files that you can download.  

- The new models bring instructions on DVD format so we do not have instructions on paper, in order also to preserve the environment.   

2. If the instructions belong to discontinued models, it is very likely that we do not have these ones. You can check availability by writing an email to  

- If we have it and you want we send you the instructions on paper format by ordinary mail, you must pay an amount of € 25.00 for printing and sending, always expecting that we have these ones. If we have the digitized instructions, we send them to you answering your email for free.

- For this, we must check the income made via Paypal or via bank transfer. To do this, send attached the proof of deposit in an email to and include all your personal information: name and surname, full address, phone number, reference and name of the model for which you need the instructions and documents. National Identity or Passport Number if you live outside the European Union (EU).  

BANK TRANSFER TO CAIXA, only applicable for spare parts and instructions, and countries not included in the list of shipments through the web (see Shipping & Returns).  

Account of La Caixa: ES94 2100 8608 9402 0003 5622