Parts-Pieces Request

For requesting parts, please send an email to, its our central store.

- Send them the reference of the model you have once you check it, its close to the bar code or EAN.

- Send them the references of the parts you need -you can find them on the parts list of the original kit-.

- Send them the proof of purchase of the original kit, its two year guaranteed as well.

- Send them your full name, ID or Passport Number -requested by the Custom House if you are living out of the European Union (EU)-, address and telephone number. You will receive an answer asap because if the parts belong to a old model we have to check the stock, maybe we are not manufacturing those parts.



If you don't have the proof of purchase or the guaranteed period is passed, the store will send you a budget for the parts and shipping. Once you receive it, you have to do a payment:

- If you pay with a Paypal account, it is a free process.

- If you need to make a bank transfer an amount can be charged, depending on the type of account you own.

- When you have made the bank transfer or payment by PayPal, please send to the receipt of the transfer or payment with Paypal.

- Once we check it, we send you the items inmediately by prioritary mail. Dont forget to remind us the references of the items in that email and all your personal info –FULL NAME, ADDRESS, ID OR PASSPORT NUMBER AND TELEPHONE NUMBER-.

Bank Transfer to:

ES94 2100 8608 9402 0003 5622