La Niña, wooden model ship kit


Build the wooden model of the caravel La Niña. The kit includes all parts the model needs, hand-sewn sails, threads, wood, metal ... prefabricated wooden pieces... In addiction to a complete and detailed full color set of instructions that will guide you in the construction.

Discover the conditions in which they traveled in 1492 recreating this model.

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Discover La Niña, a wooden model kit from one of the three ships used by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage to the New World in 1492. Built in the shipyards of Puerto de Moguer few years before the trip, she became the flagship of the expedition after the Santa Maria ran aground. Guided by our detailed step by step instructions you can complete your replica of this legend of sailing.


The expedition left from the harbour of Palos to the Canary Islands on August 3, 1492. In this layover, the Latin sails that we represent in this model were transformed to square sails. After discovering the New World, La Niña brought back Christopher Columbus aboard, reaching Lisbon on March 4 and finally the port of Palos on March 15, 1943.


Build your 1/65 scale model of La Niña, a caravel of the Discovery of America. Its construction system using false keel and frames brings the assembly of your model closer to the construction of the actual ship. The model includes laser cut board pieces, hardwood, brass, die-cast and fabric. For the assembly you can follow our complete full-color step by step guide in 7 languages, accompanied by real-scale drawings of the ship.

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Minimun age 14 years
Difficulty. Who is it for? Recommended for initiated modelers with basic knowledge of tools and materials.

Upon completion of the model it has 415 mm long, 495 mm high and 111 mm wide. 


The scale of the model is 1/65.

Educational value

Relive the discovery of the new world, and the expedition of Christopher Columbus, 1492.

What does the kit include?

Laser cut board pieces, wood, brass and die-cast parts.

Cotton sails, cut and sewn by hand.

Detailed assembly instructions with color images.

Complete set of drawings in real scale model.

The model does not include the stand and the figurines shown in the pictures.



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